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About us

About us

"Ukrainian law firm FCLEX enjoys a consistently large volume of contentious work covering commercial, tax and regulatory disputes. With the remarkable roster of industrial clients and banks, the 35-lawyer team performed substantial litigation in high-stake disputes".
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A Handbook for foreign clients 2015

About us

FCLEX  is a leading multi-disciplinary Ukrainian law firm focused on international as well as national practice. Founded in 2002, FCLEX law company is in the top 13 best law firms in Ukraine and is recognized as the best company in 2016 in dispute resolution. In addition, FCLEX is recommended by numerous international and national ratings as a leading law firm in Ukraine.

Our mission

To rapidly and effectively solve problems of our clients with a creative approach and innovative methods.

Our advantages

  • Great staff of more than 30 lawyers, six partners and four counsels;

  • 13 years of experience in the Ukrainian legal market;

  • Integrated support for client projects: from the moment of receiving the task to the moment of full implementation of the decision in favor of the client;

  • An individual approach to each client, based on the principles of deep understanding of the goals and needs as well as on the knowledge of industry represented by the client.

Our values

  • Professionalism and high standards of work

FCLEX team is composed of leading experts in all areas of law who are guided by ethical principles of honesty, fairness and decency and provide professional resolution to all legal issues of a client.

  • Client-orientation

FCLEX lawyers take into account the peculiarities of each client in choosing strategies, determine the best approach and the best practice methods in line with the purposes of the client and the subtleties of the client’s industry. The client’s comfort and achievement of its objectives - our most important task.

  • Atmosphere of mutual support and respect within the team

FCLEX lawyers make a truly united team, where one for all and all for one. Due to that mutual support and attentive attitude to each other work it is nice and comfortable to work not only for lawyers, but also for clients who can relish an extremely friendly atmosphere reigning in the company.

  • Raising standards of the Ukrainian legal services and business market 

We believe that global changes grow from minuscule first steps. Therefore, introducing high values ​​and business standards in our activities, we contribute to the development of the legal market and business in Ukraine in general.