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"FCLEX is Ukrainian law firm with a wide litigation track record and solid industrial clientele. The team is led by partner Vyacheslav Krahlevych".
Ukrainian Law Firms 2015: A Handbook for Foreign Clients,
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FCLEX has an extensive experience in the agricultural sector and provides legal advice to agricultural holdings, agricultural enterprises, and farmers on land use issues, legislation in the field of water and natural resources, environmental protection, trade, financing, state regulation in the sphere of agriculture, energy, and on other current issues of agriculture.

We are focused on the outcome and the search for optimal solutions to the problems encountered by our clients in the process of carrying out their business. We help our clients to ensure the effective conduct of business in the conditions of constantly changing legislation.

FCLEX offers the following services for your agricultural business:

  • consultations on the questions of state regulation in the sphere of agriculture;
  • dispute resolution;
  • creation and support of the current activities of agribusiness;
  • financing of agricultural business - financing from its own funds, debt financing, attraction of foreign investors, entering the capital markets (IPO), budget financing;
  • creation and development of the necessary infrastructure of agricultural business;
  • legal support of transactions with land, including land acquisition and leased land use;
  • tax planning of agribusiness activities;
  • services of defense counsels in the event of the opening of criminal proceedings.